id 4959113

Petey, the Sweetie

Hi, I'm Petey! I've been described as an absolutely kind-hearted boy. I love to go on...
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LovedatLast:Nov 10, 5:12 AM
id 4958306

Sua Smiley

Hey, folks! My name's Sua. I like going for walks, being outdoors, and getting treats....
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LovedatLast:Nov 8, 5:27 AM
id 4958305

Yoda, the Jedi Master

Hello, I am Yoda. I'm a gentle and kind mannered boy. I am Spitz Terrier mix, who is...
Views: 165
LovedatLast:Nov 8, 4:58 AM
id 4957901

Reddi for a great dog?!

Hello! I am a sweet 1-year-old Aussi Shepard (mix) boy named Reddi. I have a big...
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LovedatLast:Nov 7, 6:29 AM
id 4957896

Sahra, the Sweetheart

Hello, I'm a friendly gal named Sahra! Being very sociable, I love both people and...
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LovedatLast:Nov 7, 5:51 AM
id 4954951

Maxwell, the smart

Missed it by THAT MUCH... hoping I won't miss you seeing me here though. I'm...
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LovedatLast:Nov 30, 1:12 PM
id 4952771

Patches loaded with snuggles

Greetings, I'm Patches. A little girlie Shepard mix of a mere 2 months old, I am sooo...
Views: 579
LovedatLast:Nov 26, 7:14 PM
id 4947960

Ms Maggi, the country girl

Ms Maggi, the country girl, that's me. Some sort of Aussie, Border Collie, Saluki-ish...
Views: 369
LovedatLast:Nov 13, 5:30 AM
id 4944136

Sweet Abbie awaits

Abbie here. I need to find some new people to love. I have a heart of gold amd my...
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LovedatLast:Nov 6, 11:28 PM
id 4935236

Up for a Tommy Burger?

Hi there. Burger here. I go by Tommy, but that is so common, I wanted to spruce it up...
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LovedatLast:Nov 15, 5:12 AM
id 4934774

Dorie da dazzling dog

Teehee, hi... I'm Dorie. A 4 yr old, female Golden Retriever mix. Sadly, my current...
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LovedatLast:Nov 13, 5:31 AM
id 4934771

Burma, the bundle of joy

Howdy there. I'm a sweet boy named Burma looking for my forever home. I had a rough...
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LovedatLast:Nov 13, 5:32 AM
id 4934758

GIDEON, making you Giddy w/ delight

Intelligent, smart, cerebral, clever, brilliant... what other words can be used to...
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LovedatLast:Nov 10, 5:14 AM
id 4926095

Want a Teddy Bear?

Loving, happy, affectionate... just a big ol' lovable teddy bear. Hi I'm Bear, a 2 yr...
Views: 972
LovedatLast:Nov 23, 9:15 AM
id 4917592

Lots of laughs with GIGGLY

Are you looking for more laughs in life? Then I'm yer guy. I am highly intelligent and...
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LovedatLast:Nov 7, 5:11 AM
id 4917566

Nummy, sweet Caramel

My name is Caramel... hi. I'm one cute boy, who will bring you plenty of amusement. I'm...
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LovedatLast:Nov 8, 4:59 AM
id 4882397

Mmm Reese('s PB cups), yum

Introduciiiing me... Reese. I am like the sweetest girl you'll meet. A 4 yr old...
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LovedatLast:Nov 16, 5:02 AM
id 4882396

Clever girl, Orrio

Hello, Orrio here, a female Border Collie/Lab mix weighing about 38 lbs. I am a...
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LovedatLast:Nov 16, 5:03 AM
id 4882395

Ollio, Ms cuddlio

Good day, My name is Ollio. I'm a female Spitz mix who weighs about 40 lbs. Just the...
Views: 1217
LovedatLast:Nov 16, 5:03 AM
id 4882274

Maki, the aqua dog

Ahoy there, I'm Maki, the aqua dog. Rescued from abandonment in S Korea, I came...
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LovedatLast:Nov 15, 5:13 AM
id 4882242


Make a pup smile! FOSTER HOMES NEEDED Are you in need of a dog companion fix...
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LovedatLast:Nov 11, 7:17 AM
id 4878345

Kody the uplifter

Hello, Kody here. 2-1/2 years old, 20 lb, male, Poodle mix awaiting a home. My...
Views: 2717
LovedatLast:Nov 8, 4:59 AM
id 4875625

Loving Lizelle

Hiya hiya, I'm Lizelle. I have a great zest for life, even with limited rear leg...
Views: 1126
LovedatLast:Nov 7, 5:07 AM
id 4875564

Dreamy... your dreamboat awaits

Hi, My name is Dreamy. I'm here to make your dreams come true. You always wanted a...
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LovedatLast:Nov 6, 11:27 PM
id 4873496

Hana hopping your way

Greetings, Hippity hoppity... I am Hana, bouncing my way into your life. At just...
Views: 1248
LovedatLast:Nov 6, 11:27 PM
id 4873495

There's a Gypsy traveling your way

Hello, There's a Gypsy headed your way. Me! I will travel right into your heart....
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LovedatLast:Nov 6, 11:27 PM
id 4867725


Want to make a difference in a dog's life? Is helping rescue dogs what your heart beats...
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LovedatLast:Nov 11, 7:18 AM
id 4866534

Arezoo, the wonder dog

Heeey hoooo, heeeey hoooo, Arezoo here... Wanna see an amazing feat? I walk on my 2...
Views: 1645
LovedatLast:Nov 21, 6:05 AM
id 4864403

Bro-die, Bro-die, Brodie the buddy

Hooowoo, My name is Brodie. Ah'm a 2-1/2 yr old, 28 kg, male Shepard mix. Good with...
Views: 1267
LovedatLast:Nov 2, 7:06 AM
id 4861222

CRUMPET with the heart of gold

Hello, Majestic, regal, calm, cuddly, social, gentle... all these things people say...
North Vancouver
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LovedatLast:Nov 2, 7:06 AM
id 4858969

Loving girl Koko

I am a 3 yr old, female Australian Cattle Dog/Australian shepherd mix. I am small at 39...
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LovedatLast:Nov 30, 1:11 PM
id 4858286

Annie Oakley slinging for a home

Yeeehaaaaw, Annie Oakley here. Are you looking for a special partner with which to...
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LovedatLast:Nov 26, 7:15 PM
id 4856924

hakuna matata from me, Timon

Hey Everyone, Here I am. Me, Timon. Sadly, my mama has had a career change up which...
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LovedatLast:Nov 26, 7:15 PM
id 4856921

OLLIE, the dapper dude

Helloooooo sweet peeps, I am a very handsome and dapper dude. At 8 years old, I'm a...
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