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Antique Metal Gas Can / antiques

various antique metal gas cans, some from army trucks , some fuel barrels galanized...
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Antique Springtooth Harrow

Antique Springtooth Harrow for use or heritage decoration, located near Enderby on...
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Antique Pioneer tools of many types

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Many Antique pioneer Tools here on farm, come have a look if you wish ,much too...
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2 pair of Antique RailWheels and Ax

2 Pair of Rolling carriage Railwheels on axles, for rolling carriage or track ,roller...
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Antique Cockshutt Horsedrawn Haymow

Antique Horsedrawn haymower made by Cockshutt Co. Canada , has beautiful wheels may be...
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Antique Metal Spoke Wheels on frame

Antique Metal spoke Wheels on Drop Axle frame for your project.. backstory this was...
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Antique ChainSaws and Stuff at Farm

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Trade your,,,,Antique ChainSaws for Stuff at the Farm, many items of heritage past and...
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Antique Metal Spoke Wheel Wagon

Antique Wagon with 4 steel spoke wheels Heritage Steel Wheel Wagon,, All steel...
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Antiques and Yard art at Farm

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Yard Art,, Farm Equip ,, unloaded a dumptruck filled while items,used to reach up to...
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Antique GoodYear Airless Spokewheel

Antique Goodyear Rubber Airless mounted / melded on metal spoke wheel , I am told may...
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