Case tractor with Snowplow

Case tractor with front Snow blade with hydraulic lift, tire chains. Needs a push...
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helpfullearth: Apr 2, 4:24 AM

Antique Cockshutt HorseDrawn Hay Mower

Antique Cockshutt horse-drawn hay mower , beautiful wheels ,has cast lid on tool box...
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helpfullearth: Apr 2, 4:23 AM

Antique Springtooth Harrow

Antique Springtooth Harrow for use or heritage decoration, located near Enderby on...
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Antique MetalSpoke Wheel stub axle

Antique Metal Spoke Wheel on Stub Axle with 4 bolt mounting plate flange as per...
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Case Tractor loader

Case Tractor Loader , has Lull loader, counterweight ,tire chains hydraulic very...
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Antiques and Yard art at Farm

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Just unloaded a dumptruck filled while used to reach up to empty out an attic space...
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Antique Pioneer tools of many types

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Many Antique pioneer Tools here on farm, come have a look if you wish ,much too much to...
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helpfullearth: Apr 2, 3:53 AM

Chevelle Grill

Early 70's (73 or 74) Factory Chevelle grill, this is a very solid piece. Perfect for...
West Kelowna
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Suchadeal: Mar 20, 12:22 PM