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1955 Ford Fairlane Tube Radio

A great piece of history and hard to find at this price in this condition and with all...
West Kelowna
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ritchie958:Jan 6, 3:01 PM
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Vintage Chantillon Scale

Vintage Collector Chantillon scale engraved New York, U.S.A, measures in kilos (to 15)...
West Kelowna
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exada:Jan 6, 10:31 AM
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NYLINT Tin Toy Jalopy USA

NYLINT "Jalopy" tin and plastic toy car from the mid 1960s, in excellent condition....
West Kelowna
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exada:Jan 6, 10:29 AM
id 4608620

Vintage brass fish scale with fish

Vintage brass fish scale with fish line holder with a number of old fish lures. Call...
West Kelowna
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Bob Builder:Jan 4, 12:02 PM
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Corn Planter. One of two. "Field ready" - we planted corn with it last year! OR.....
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Marcliff:Jan 3, 6:28 PM
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vintage valve grinding kit

Vintage valve grinding kit. Probably from the 1930's. Made by S&D Engineering in...
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ccslat:Jan 2, 11:09 AM
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Antique Pick Axe

Old pick axe took many years of hard waiting and weathering to acquire the aged look....
West Kelowna
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creamsoda:Dec 27, 7:07 PM
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1 Red Metal Gas (2Gallon) Gas Can

Garage, Antique, VTG, Collectible, Red Metal "Gasoline" two Gallon Gas Can with Old Red...
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luccisano:Dec 26, 8:13 AM