Antique Cast iron Kettle

Antique Cast Iron Kettle ...and lots of other neat old stuff here at the farm
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Old Log Boom Ends

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Various Old Log boom Ends with weathered rounded ends and large holes for rails or rope...
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Antique Railway Cart and Scale

Antique Railway Cart with Scale built in ,, has to handles to move and two wheels and...
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Antique Massey Harris Seeder

Beautiful Antique Massey Harris Seeder , Perfect heritage feature , yard art planter or...
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Antique GoodYear Airless Spokewheel

Antique Goodyear Rubber Airless mounted / melded on metal spoke wheel , I am told may...
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Antiques and Yard art at Farm

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Just unloaded a dumptruck filled while used to reach up to empty out an attic space...
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Antique Water Pump

Antique Hand Water Pump for decor.. have some other pumps for decor also and lots of...
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Antique Swiss bicycle

Antique Swiss bicycle for collector still in original as used condition complete with...
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Antique Wringer Washer

Antique Wringer Washer , for your decor.planter , . Do have few and possible one...
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Antique Cobblers Shoe Lasts/stand

Antique cobbler Stuff , shoe lasts and stand
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