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Numerous Willow Tree

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Numerous Willow Tree ornaments sold together or separately. Best offers considered.
West Kelowna
Views: 85
jcsb: Oct 17, 1:57 PM

Numerous Hummels

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Many Hummels; sold together or separately. Approximately 1/3 of inventory shown...
West Kelowna
Views: 71
jcsb: Oct 17, 1:48 PM


Lladro retired Doctor Figurine Bisque by Salvador Furio. Overall excellent condition...
West Kelowna
Views: 553
toolfix: Oct 30, 7:50 PM

Vintage Ceramic Leaves

Vintage ceramic leaves, set of 4. Largest leaf is approx 4" wide.
West Kelowna
Views: 9
tjkwkelowna: Oct 28, 11:35 AM

Vintage Metal Candelabra

Vintage welded metal candelabra in clean white vines and leaves motif. Perfect for...
West Kelowna
Views: 2
Cool: Oct 27, 9:27 AM

Doulton Figuine "TISSOT"

Doulton Figurine "TISSOT" 8" tall. Tissot is a much sought after club piece
West Kelowna
Views: 550
val123: Oct 25, 3:20 PM

Royal Doulton Figurine "AMY"

Royal Doulton Figurine "AMY"81/2" tall. With Box.
West Kelowna
Views: 505
val123: Oct 25, 3:20 PM

Royal Doulton Figurine "ALEXANDRA"

Royal Doulton Figurine "ALEXANDRA" 8" tall.
West Kelowna
Views: 942
val123: Oct 25, 3:19 PM

Maude Humphrey figurines

Maude Humphrey was an illustrator and Humphrey Bogarts mother, these figurines (18) are...
West Kelowna
Views: 874
val123: Oct 25, 3:19 PM

David Winter Christmas Cottage

Ebenezer Scrooge's Counting House(1987) Hand made and hand painted in the Studios &...
West Kelowna
Views: 399
val123: Oct 25, 3:18 PM