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Vintage LP'S

100 collectable LP's Too many artists to list Check out pictures for examples of artist
West Kelowna
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maggiecoco:Feb 10, 1:13 PM
id 4713899

Vintage Telephone

Beige vintage telephone Not sure if it works $40 Text please
Views: 18
DangDang:Feb 8, 7:53 PM
id 4954441

Cushman CE-5 Communications Monitor

This unit Powers on, however, we were unable to fully test all functions. Some of the...
Views: 310
Md82:Feb 7, 9:36 PM
id 4979723

REDUCED Vintage British turntable

Go to site, read all about, its in British museum Not sure if it works. Desk top...
Views: 196
rosiesgarden:Feb 7, 2:44 PM
id 4979725

REDUCEDBeautiful long music cabinet

worked when put away, Firm on price. Or it goes to dump.
Views: 175
rosiesgarden:Feb 7, 2:43 PM
id 4951887

Heathkit ID-101 Electronic Switch

Heathkit Electronic Switch ID-101. It turns your single trace oscilloscope into a dual...
Views: 74
YLWfan:Feb 7, 1:10 PM
id 2424058

1929 Philco Radio - very old

A collector's wish list... This old Cathedral Style Radio has been around since...
West Kelowna
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yukonman:Feb 7, 10:41 AM
id 4452379

Antique Victorian 1880 Page Turner

1880's Victorian ivory page turner, used to flip pages of a book to avoid getting ink...
West Kelowna
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ritchie958:Feb 7, 10:00 AM
id 4548945

50's Mitsuis's Polarograph Tester

Late 50's early 60's Japanese volt and microamp tester for the mining industry. Not...
West Kelowna
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ritchie958:Feb 7, 9:59 AM
id 4603770

62-71 Triad Photron III Camera

A strange and interesting camera from the 60's. These cameras were sold the same way...
West Kelowna
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ritchie958:Feb 7, 9:59 AM