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Collectible Plates

Limited edition. Certificates with each one $30 for all
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WindyRiver: Oct 17, 5:56 AM
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999.9 pure cdn gold maple leafs

buy and hold your gold today, no paying and waiting weeks from now ! 1 ounce 999.9 pur...
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shanenoble: Oct 11, 4:33 PM
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silver maple leafs for sale

for sale cash only contact me via email enderby
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shanenoble: Oct 11, 4:32 PM
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GOLD Coin Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz

purchase your protection from Fiat Paper devaluation... all non-destructive tests...
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shanenoble: Oct 11, 4:32 PM
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Shelly Dainty Tea Cup and Saucer

Shelly Dainty China made in England. Vintage, fluted tea Cup and saucer. No chips or...
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PennyS: Oct 7, 9:52 AM
id 4437876

Vintage Fenton Milkglass Epergne

Beautiful and unique, this vintage Fenton White Milkglass Epergne has 3 "horns". It is...
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Elliotsmom: Oct 6, 6:47 AM
id 4407101

Aizu wakamatsu Lacquer Martini set

This set is in fabulous shape for the vintage. Almost 100 years old. It is japanese...
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redroki: Oct 2, 9:58 AM
id 3776893

Jlmenau Graf Von Henneberg Cobalt

This is a stunning and rare piece. They still go for about 200US. It is very deep...
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redroki: Oct 2, 9:54 AM
id 3297447

Silverplate Tea Set Gorgeous

This is a beautiful set in gorgeous shape. Barely used. Classic design. Includes Tea,...
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redroki: Oct 2, 9:51 AM
id 3035206

Egyptian clay Tea set

This is a really unique green tea set. It is raw clay colour with Egyptian symbols...
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redroki: Oct 2, 9:51 AM