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Water can with spigot and air valve

Military Water jerry can with spigot and an air valve that can be used to pressurize...
West Kelowna
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riley91:Dec 8, 11:05 AM
id 4947710

A portable fire bowl

Portable Campfire Bowl Intertek ,Spark free Smoke free .Adjustable Fire Control ....
West Kelowna
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Ditto 77love:Dec 8, 9:28 AM
id 4211908

Vintage Primus Lantern

Vintage Primus Sievert gas lantern for restoration (needs a mantle and glass) or...
West Kelowna
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Cool:Dec 7, 8:45 PM
id 4864971

Round fold up table

Round fold up table with hole for umbrella 31ins across .No Text
West Kelowna
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trailertrash:Dec 7, 7:33 PM
id 4908614

Coleman Easi-Lite Camp Stove

Coleman Easi-Lite camp stove,uses Coleman fuel or naphitha gas. No Text please
West Kelowna
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trailertrash:Dec 7, 7:32 PM
id 4800149

Rain jacket, hood, storage bag

Like new condition. Size medium or unisex waterproof rain jacket, hood, storage bag....
West Kelowna
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abrandnewday:Dec 7, 7:22 PM
id 4804271

Helium Bivy Shelter

Helium Bivy Shelter for the solo camper, backpacker or bikepacking. Pertex waterproof...
West Kelowna
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abrandnewday:Dec 7, 12:08 PM
id 4952506

Vintage Coleman Lantern w/Box

Vintage Coleman Lantern w/Box Model 220K195 Can meet up in Kelowna.
West Kelowna
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toolfix:Dec 6, 5:41 PM
id 4804274

Molecule Bivy Shelter, Long

LIGHTWEIGHT, STREAMLINED, ONE-PERSON SHELTER. New, mint condition. Original packaging...
West Kelowna
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abrandnewday:Dec 6, 1:35 PM
id 4805127

Down jacket with stuff bag

Attractive lightweight down jacket with stuff bag in excellent condition. Wear this...
West Kelowna
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abrandnewday:Dec 6, 1:34 PM