Missing! Dog from Crawford Esates

Been missing since January 29th. He is the friendliest dog you'll ever meet! His name...
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MissingPuppy: Feb 1, 5:54 PM

reward offered

in the middle of my move to kelowna i dropped my cat off at a friends to be watched and...
Views: 733
billie23: Feb 1, 10:56 AM

Missing Black and White cat

Milo, a black and white long hair tuxedo cat with a white belly, pink nose and black...
Views: 63
Run: Jan 31, 9:41 PM

Lost Black Female Cat

Long Hair Black Cat with brown under coat. Female with green eyes & a tiny marking of...
Views: 73
CMZaleski: Jan 30, 5:25 PM

Missing/Lynx point westbank

Mozzy is still missing :( extremely chatty friendly male neutered cat. He's been...
Views: 1251
booyah_31: Jan 28, 7:14 PM

Luther cat is missing from Oyama

Luther has gone missing from Oyama. Last seen Dec 18, 2015. He is a full grown male...
Views: 1528
anniebun: Jan 28, 3:56 PM

Jeremy cat is missing in Oyama

Jeremy cat is missing in Oyama. He is all black with a white smear on his side that...
Views: 946
anniebun: Jan 28, 3:55 PM

Still Missing

Elvis is missing since June 1st/18 from Country Rhodes in Ellison. He is a very light...
Views: 65
tommysolo: Jan 28, 11:37 AM

Possibly lost Cat

this cat has been hanging around looking for food for the last 2 or 3 months. Not...
West Kelowna
Views: 204
12thnight: Jan 26, 9:07 PM

Lost black cat in Mission Hill area

Missing a 4 yr old black cat with yellow eyes in the Mission Hill area around 40th...
Views: 93
Vestbyju: Jan 26, 7:50 PM