Lost Indoor Cat

Lost fixed grey classic tabby. Name is Zombie. 3 year old male cat. Left the house...
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BrokenPencil: Oct 14, 7:04 PM

Lost Goat

Bear went missing Nov. 10. Very sentimental value for a little girl and her mom who...
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elizabeth24: Nov 11, 11:17 AM

Lost cat in Oyama

Luna went missing Sunday night April 5, 2015. She is extremely friendly and extremely...
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anniebun: Nov 11, 8:55 AM

Lost Cockatiel - $200 Reward

Cloud was lost on Sep 20th near Pottery Rd. He is a 9 years old cockatiel who loves...
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izzy355: Nov 9, 8:02 PM

Lost in Armstrong Area

Lost from Phillips Street area in Armstrong BC on Saturday Sept 8, 2018 - Black and...
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ladilyn: Nov 9, 11:50 AM

To those with missing cats (some info applies to dogs as well)

For ideas on how to help get your cat back home please read the following: Heres some...
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Lore: Nov 8, 9:09 PM

Lost Cat Behavior

This is amazing info and will help get cats home....
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Lore: Nov 8, 9:08 PM

Missing Siamese Cat - Reward

Simba is a 2 year old male Siamese.. He is fixed and has a tattoo registered to Burtch...
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Michel Levesque: Nov 7, 9:24 PM

Lost dog

Penny and her owner were hit by a car while walking. Penny was spooked and disappeared...
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DebArtM: Nov 7, 6:30 PM

Found Cat

This cat was found on polo road on November 4th 2018. I didn't want something to happen...
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253212em: Nov 6, 12:34 AM