id 4532303

Vehicle fob found

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Tanis+Terry:Jan 3, 7:53 PM
id 4525066

Found: Drone in Penticton

Found a drone near Walmart in Penticton, mid July ( sorry for being slow)! If I post a...
Views: 125
rickmandude:Jan 3, 6:42 PM
id 4517216

Armed off road wheel cap

Found; Armed Off Road wheel center cap, found near superstore in Penticton Text 250...
Views: 79
rickmandude:Jan 3, 6:41 PM
id 4578878

Small Binoculars found-Kelowna

Found small set of binoculars on Kelowna Street. Please identify in order to claim....
Views: 67
[email protected]:Jan 2, 8:14 AM
id 2415866

Have you seen this rocking chair?

Summerland or??? Have you seen this chair? It was sold or given away last Sunday,...
Views: 3561
curlystandardplace:Dec 31, 6:31 AM
id 4606451

Lost Eye Glasses

Lost mens prescription glasses downtown Kelowna between Royal Bank and Yacht Club.
Views: 28
GLH50:Dec 29, 3:08 PM
id 4262740

Lost eye glasses in Shuswap Lake

Today i came for a recreational trip to Shuswap lake provincial park from kelowna....
Views: 352
abrar.malik76:Dec 29, 12:07 AM
id 4367813

Lost Earring - Summerland

Solid silver dangling earring. Lost at either Sun Oka or Giant's Head on the weekend...
Views: 134
throwaway:Dec 26, 6:28 PM
id 4605472

Lost jaybird wireless headphones

I work in Westbank and kelowna. So could be anywhere. Lost about a week ago. Not...
Views: 25
tammy3:Dec 26, 11:58 AM
id 4593438

Found Silver diamond "leaf" ring

Found near Queens Park Elementary YMCA on Nov 25. Likely costume jewelry but very...
Views: 75
zeboinvestments:Dec 26, 10:12 AM