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Massage - Kales Energy Healing

Therapy Services
I currently offer 3 styles of Relaxing, Invigorating & Healing Energetic Massage! My...
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LC PT Jen:May 18, 6:09 AM
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Therapy Services
Hi there. I am a masseuse that just moved from Calgary. I have been doing massage for...
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dominique.pullano:May 28, 5:55 AM
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aroma aroma/shiatsu massageA

Therapy Services
Aroma/shiatsu is a soothing touch for sore backs,aches and pains,etc.,it can be a deep...
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healinghands:May 27, 1:04 PM
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PEMF Mat & OMI Mat

Alternative Medicine
Almost new Mats , bout to start a business before Covid started. Its a great concept...
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hazelwood:May 25, 4:55 AM
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Massage therapy

Therapy Services
Over 20 years of experience in massage and the healing realm. I am extremely intune...
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Naturalbornhealer:May 17, 2:38 PM
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Therapy Services
Looking for a Kinesiologist to join our passionate team at Back in Line Physiotherapy,...
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Juliadmitch:May 15, 7:05 AM
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herbal practitioner

Alternative Medicine
CADUCEUS SUPPLEMENTS I will try to treat to the best of my ability illnesses and...
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codykolodychuk:May 2, 10:01 PM
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Relaxation Shiatsu Body Massage

Therapy Services
Enjoy yourself in a brand new nicely appointed room that is clean, safe and quiet. New...
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eddiegor:May 2, 7:50 PM
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TLC Wellness & Massage Services

Therapy Services
Enjoy a personalized Massage Healing Touch Session with a trained and experienced...
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hollyshaven:May 2, 10:03 AM
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Muscle Masters for Men

Therapy Services
Welcome to Muscle Masters. Come try one of our many services. We have the lowest...
Lake Country
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boomer1962:May 1, 7:10 PM