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ISO Industrial/Commercial OUTDOOR

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I have a food truck business and am looking for a space to park the vehicles. My...
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Danny Hattingh:Jan 29, 6:09 PM
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Looking to trade time at our cabin at the Outback in Vernon BC for some time at Big...
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trntables:Jan 29, 3:23 PM
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Looking for a 2-BR home in Kelowna

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Looking for sustainable downsizing in Kelowna. Family of 3 with 2 pets. Secure...
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wannecke:Jan 29, 2:28 PM
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Wanted: to lease orchard

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I'm looking for an orchard to lease. Any size acreage from 5-40 acres. I have my own...
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gala:Jan 29, 7:45 AM
id 4823580

Family of 5 looking for rental

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Hello good day sir or madam! We are looking for a townhouse or single family home...
Views: 119
johnmahal03:Jan 28, 5:21 AM
id 4725027

rental wanted for man with cats

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Hello, I am looking for a rental unit for long term. I am a quiet, respectful and...
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selller:Jan 27, 9:43 PM
id 4701674

Rental Wanted

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We visit the Kelowna area once a month for about 3-5 days. We are clean and quiet...
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G Shane:Jan 27, 4:44 PM
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Long term, Salmon Arm, two seniors

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Love Salmon Arm area, rural, trees, scenic, country feel, privacy. Open to win/win...
Salmon Arm
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Okanagandreamer:Jan 27, 2:06 PM
id 4823117

Iso long term rental in westkelowna

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My family has decided to move in to a bigger place so they can help me out with my...
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Mell:Jan 26, 4:45 PM
id 4812761

Older family of four

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We are an older family of four looking for a rental prefer Rutland or glenmore but more...
Views: 368
deinesgp:Jan 26, 4:32 PM