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IGEN Student from France

Happipad has an 3rd-year OC business student (male) from France looking to rent a room...
Views: 186
Happipad: Jul 25, 9:05 AM

West Kelowna - Executive Townhouse

Room for rent in an executive townhouse at Lakeview Terrace in West Kelowna. Modern...
West Kelowna
Views: 227
Happipad: Jul 25, 1:50 PM

West Kelowna Room Rental

Room for rent in modern home in West Kelowna. You will have your own private bedroom...
West Kelowna
Views: 187
Happipad: Jul 25, 12:55 PM

IGEN student from Calgary

Happipad has an UBCO student moving to Kelowna from Calgary. She is looking for a room...
Views: 150
Happipad: Jul 25, 11:44 AM

IGEN Athlete from Calgary

Happipad has an IGEN male athlete who is moving to Kelowna from Calgary to play for the...
Views: 92
Happipad: Jul 25, 11:35 AM

Accountant moving within Kelowna

Happipad is representing an accountant at a law firm whose lease is expiring Sept 31....
Views: 92
Happipad: Jul 23, 1:02 PM

CEO relocating from Toronto

Happipad is representing a CEO relocating with his family from Toronto to Kelowna. He...
Views: 100
Happipad: Jul 23, 12:47 PM

Professional moving from Alberta

Happipad is relocating a professional and her family from Alberta to Kelowna. Her...
West Kelowna
Views: 146
Happipad: Jul 20, 2:38 PM