The Okanagan Textbook Exchange is an off-campus bookstore
serving the College/University community since 2005.
We sell new and used (current edition) textbooks and we save you money on both.
With approximately 50,000 desired titles on our purchase list,
we source and provide current edition textbooks for the local and North American market.
Most current edition textbooks and many classic novels have a cash value.

We buy all the time!

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More Money in Your Pocket!

We buy (& sell) all the time! Canadian/US currency exchange rates create a great...
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Elements of Sociology 4th edition

Used Price $67.50 (limited Stock) New Price $89.95 Our family bookstore has been...
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Nursing titles (New & Used)

We currently have a good selection of pre-owned titles! New books are a reality, we...
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Books in Stock!

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People always bring books in, many new book have been re-ordered. Please give a phone...
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Mosby's~Support Worker Textbook 4e

The 2018 fourth Canadian Edition has just been released ~ We have Copies! Okanagan...
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The Language of Medicine 11th

The Language of Medicine by Davi-Ellen Chabner is now in an 11th edition ~ Our new...
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Managing Human Resources 8th

$154.95 New / $116.00 Used (limited stock) New or pre-owned current edition...
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Leaving Microsoft ....the World

Need to read something inspirational? John Wood is the individual who started "Room to...
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Gift Cards!

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Since 2005, the Okanagan Textbook Exchange has been a better choice for ( new & used )...
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Buying or Selling (since 2005) ~ We deserve to be your bookstore of choice! We sell...
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