Local History Books

Liquidating a collection. Photos are only a small example.
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Illustrated Home Garden Guide 1961

The Illustrated Home Garden Guide by J J Little and Ives Large Vintage 1961 Gardening...
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Walt Disney Art & Animation Books & John Lennon LP

Relive the magic of Walt Disney with this unique collection of art and animation...
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Readers Digest: Atlas of Canada

Huge hard cover book featuring extensive maps in Canada with incredible attention to...
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The Lives Of John Lennon By Goldman

1988 The Lives of John Lennon Book by Albert Goldman Measures 9 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 2"...
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Far West: The Story of British Col

British Columbia's colourful story has been told many times, but until now no one has...
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The Gift of Adult ADD

Price: $7.50ISBN: 9781458764812Pages: 360Written By: Lara Honos-Webb Ph. D.Cover Type:...
Lake Country
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Wealthing Like Rabbits

Price: $7.50ISBN: 0993842305Pages: 212Written By: Robert R. BrownCover Type: Soft...
Lake Country
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The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner

Price: $7.50ISBN: 9780385661751Pages: 272Written By: David BachCover Type: Soft...
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Stop Over Thinking your Money

Price: $7.50ISBN: 0143183516Pages: 214Written By: Preet BanerjeeCover Type: Soft...
Lake Country
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