Horse, Farm & Orchard/Local Produce & Egg Sales (Meat sales not accepted)
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First cherries of season. Available in westbank from osoyoos orchard. Contact 250 498...
West Kelowna
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Expansion: Jun 16, 7:05 PM

2 baby Degu's

Pets/Rodents & Accessories
Two 4 month old Degu's. Large rabbit cage and all accessories as seen in pictures....
West Kelowna
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amandaf: Jun 16, 10:21 AM

Assorted new older style gas cans

Horse, Farm & Orchard/Farm Supplies
New- older style vintage gas cans. Asking $50 for the texaco. And $40 for the smaller...
West Kelowna
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dacobra: Jun 16, 6:04 AM

hooded dog coat

Pets/Dog accessories
NEW PRICE hooded zippered. extra warm, double thickness:) small to medium size red...
West Kelowna
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missy1+kiki2: Jun 15, 10:51 AM

Llama Sheep Manuer

Horse, Farm & Orchard/Farm Supplies
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$5 for a tractor scoop. We will load. Llama Sheep Manuer. Great for the garden....
West Kelowna
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mskillig: Jun 15, 9:36 AM

Spotnose calico ball python

Pets/Reptiles & Accessories
This is Link he is about 2 years old. He is a very beautiful sassy snake. He likes to...
West Kelowna
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Teaka_girl45: Jun 15, 1:31 AM

Pastel het albino

Pets/Reptiles & Accessories
This is Artemis she is 9 years old. She is a proven breeder but has retired when I...
West Kelowna
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Teaka_girl45: Jun 15, 1:24 AM

Normal leopard geko

Pets/Reptiles & Accessories
This is Erra. She needs a bit of extra attention due to bad shedding. I took her in...
West Kelowna
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Teaka_girl45: Jun 15, 1:05 AM

New 3 tier cat hotel in or out

Pets/Cat Accessories
Didn't get the kitty to go with it...for sale reg 189 on amazon for just 100 partially...
West Kelowna
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krupa: Jun 14, 9:35 PM

female quail and chicks

Horse, Farm & Orchard/Animals & Fowl (Farm)
I have one adult female quail and a few 3 week old chicks for sale
West Kelowna
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gittinmbd: Jun 14, 4:31 PM