Nova Independent Resources Limited is a leader in providing
renewable and alternate energy solutions for various applications;
serving customers for over 33 years!

We are a regional resource for alternate energy options and energy saving devices,
providing Turn-Key Off-Grid and Grid-Tied Solar Electric Systems,
as well as generators and products for standby support or remote living.

We offer comprehensive services, including design, installation
and technical support for a wide range of applications;
from portable solutions used in RV's,
to unique customizations integrated on mountain top repeater stations.

Our main offices and service facilities are located in the vibrant city of Kelowna,
offering personalized support to meet your needs.

Contact us for both Residential and Commercial applications, whether Rural or Urban.
Remote or City Dwellers, all are welcome.

Telephone: 250-763-8484

Visit our website: Nova Solar & Alternate Power