Pump jack system with swing stages

Tools/Ladders & Dollies
5 pumpjacks swing stages 3x23' 1x18' 1x12' 1x10' poles 4x24' 2x18' extensions 5x13'...
Salmon Arm
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rrenard: Jun 18, 1:22 PM

Two Beautiful Wood Windows

Building Materials/Windows
I just removed two large wooden windows from our "mid century home". They are 58.5...
Salmon Arm
Views: 673
summer54: Jun 17, 3:36 PM

New Masonite Melrose Door

Building Materials/Doors & Accessories
Prehung 30 x 84 inch left hand in swing Masonite Melrose door. Brand new. House design...
Salmon Arm
Views: 144
summer54: Jun 17, 3:35 PM

Labour intensive heritage hardwood

Building Materials/Flooring & Carpet
Not for the faint of heart, or for anyone looking for a quick, easy install. This...
Views: 1187
Andrew Neufeld: Jun 14, 6:44 AM

Big Shop Vac!

Tools/Shop Vacs, Heaters, Washers & Sprayers
See pics for model number and size. Used once. These are $300 plus tax when not on sale...
Salmon Arm
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[email protected]: Jun 13, 9:30 PM

Log Home Builder's log scribers

Tools/Hand Tools
Log Home Builder's log scribers C/W level bubbles Alan Mackie design on Starrett...
Salmon Arm
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cuslog: Jun 13, 12:51 PM

Hole Hog

Tools/Power Tools
Milwaukee Hole Hog
Salmon Arm
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cuslog: Jun 13, 12:50 PM

Timber Framer's circular saw

Tools/Power Saws
Mafell MKS 105 Circular saw. 105mm Depth of cut, 240 Volt, C/W spare Mafell blade new...
Salmon Arm
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cuslog: Jun 13, 12:49 PM

Hardwood Flooring Nailer

Tools/Power Tools
Mint condition Senco 2" Hardwood flooring nailer. Used for 1 job only. Uses 1 1/2 to...
Salmon Arm
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Kanuckz: Jun 13, 6:31 AM

HydroPole and/or temp wire

Building Materials/Electrical
31ft hydro pole with 12ft metal brace Alum 14 ft temp service wire $150.00 LOCATED...
Salmon Arm
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1234donnie: Jun 12, 8:46 AM