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POPLAR FIREWOOD, any size load!!!!!

Building Materials/Firewood
Split poplar firewood, You load! Customers are able to selfload and drop cash....
Views: 2928
golferman: Mar 29, 3:28 PM

Vanity Cabinets

- Stores/STORE - Studio 5
Combination Vanity Cabinets 30 or 36 inches wide with 2-drawers on the right or the...
Views: 101
studio5: Mar 26, 2:29 PM

Plywood Cabinets

- Stores/STORE - Studio 5
Well made, well priced all wood cabinets starting at $3,000 for a 10 x 10 kitchen....
Views: 1740
studio5: Mar 20, 4:01 PM

Modern Painted flat panel

- Stores/STORE - Studio 5
10 x 10 kitchen size in a choice of 10 paint colors. These are well made, well priced...
Views: 426
studio5: Mar 20, 3:59 PM

HIGH GLOSS flat panel Cabinets

- Stores/STORE - Studio 5
Looking for Modern? Look no further! We offer an excellent variety of flat panel high...
Views: 356
studio5: Mar 20, 3:58 PM

Firewood For Sale

Building Materials/Firewood
Fir/Pine Split Firewood Prompt Delivery in Kelowna and surrounding area Phone Jamie at...
Views: 183
my649: Mar 12, 4:18 PM

16 Gauge Finish Nail Gun

Tools/Power Tools
Powerfist 16 gauge finish nail gun for $40. Tried and tested! City Pawn, 1936...
Views: 60
citypawnkelowna: Apr 2, 9:34 AM

Porter Cable Roofing Nail Gun Coil

Tools/Power Tools
Porter Cable coil roofing nail gun for only $60. Try it before you buy it! Great value!...
Views: 45
citypawnkelowna: Apr 2, 9:34 AM

Medium Crown Stapler - New

Tools/Power Tools
Prime medium crown stapler, brand new! See photos for specifications. City Pawn,...
Views: 62
citypawnkelowna: Apr 2, 9:34 AM

Interior Wood French Door 32"Wx80"H

Building Materials/Doors & Accessories
Interior Wood French Door 32"Wx80"H. With glass and brass pane separation. Classic...
Views: 486
chetgunderson: Apr 2, 9:13 AM