We are North America's premier source for high quality microphones and headphones,
and we're located right here in the Okanagan!

We sell a variety of professional grade audio products including
condenser, dynamic and ribbon microphones to cover any application at any budget,
for recording studios, home studios, or live events.

Make an appointment today to come by our studio and try out our products.
Feel free to bring your own microphones or headphones for a comparison
and you can hear for yourself how our products always outperform those of our competitors.

Located at: 3293 McGinnis Rd, West Kelowna, B.C. V4T 1A9
Telephone: (250) 863-9216

Visit our website: iSK Pro Audio

Mic Holder

Fits 57 and 58 style microphones. Made from strong and flexible plastic, and has a...
West Kelowna
Views: 68
iskproaudio: Jan 16, 9:12 AM

Large Mic Holder

Clamps onto larger sized microphones, such as some wireless models.
West Kelowna
Views: 188
iskproaudio: Jan 16, 9:12 AM

Music Stand *Attaches to mic stand*

This music stand holds the sheet music and lyrics in the most convenient place for the...
West Kelowna
Views: 399
iskproaudio: Jan 16, 9:12 AM

Threaded mic holder

A simple, but very convenient microphone holder. Fits any standard microphone stand,...
West Kelowna
Views: 127
iskproaudio: Jan 16, 9:11 AM

Recording Services

Current Special: 50% off full band live off the floor recording. What you play is what...
West Kelowna
Views: 1093
iskproaudio: Jan 9, 8:50 AM

APS Klassik, Studio monitors

The APS Klassik is an entire new level of quality, for the serious studios that want...
West Kelowna
Views: 119
iskproaudio: Jan 9, 8:50 AM

APS AEON 2 Studio Monitors

The perfect studio monitor. The Aeon 2's are APS' newest model of professional studio...
West Kelowna
Views: 169
iskproaudio: Jan 9, 8:50 AM

ICDM Vocal Mic

This mic will eat a 58 anyday. Seriously. Come try it out, compare it, let your ears...
West Kelowna
Views: 331
iskproaudio: Jan 6, 8:23 AM

iSK HD-9999

"The iSK HD-9999 are my new favourite headphones, easily worth twice the price or more"...
West Kelowna
Views: 855
iskproaudio: Jul 8, 7:01 PM

iSK Classic

Finally, A stage microphone that not only looks great, but also has exceedingly good...
West Kelowna
Views: 651
iskproaudio: Jul 8, 7:00 PM