V32 Palomino Amp Head

This all-tube Crate V32 Palomino Amp Head is simply awesome!! But even at just 30 watts...
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milesahead: Jun 21, 7:38 PM

Yamaha G30 112

Yamaha G30 112 amp in great condition. It's quite loud and versatile so suits all kind...
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milesahead: Jun 21, 7:35 PM

Peavey Special 130

Great amp, but too loud for me!! In excellent condition. Footswitch included. Firm on...
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milesahead: Jun 21, 7:35 PM

Spring Reverb

Reverb Tank from a Vox tube amplifier. Works perfectly! Good for a replacement in...
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braydenmc: Jun 21, 8:31 AM

Garnet 12" Vintage 8ohm Speaker

Excellent Condition, Sounds bright and punchy. Vox like. $40.00 OBO
Lake Country
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krberry: Jun 21, 7:57 AM

Line 6 spider V 240 W

I have a lightly used Line 6 spider V modulating amp. It has endless amounts of...
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championsofnothing: Jun 20, 6:19 PM

Fender Rumble 15 Bass amp new price

I have a spare fender amp I would like to find a new home for. It's rated as bass amp....
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Shawns Maker Shop: Jun 20, 5:58 PM

Mesa Boogie 4x12

Here it are Mesa Boogie 4x12 Sounds amazing Nice wheels, Rolly Polly with ease...
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Rick Zipp: Jun 20, 11:22 AM

Peavy KB100 Amplifier

Made as a keyboard amp. 3 independent inputs so it works great as a mic, bass, and...
Lake Country
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Brotherfish: Jun 20, 11:17 AM

Matrix Guitar Amp Model # MA-20x

-fair shape -model number MA-20X
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Galactus: Jun 19, 6:36 PM