Welcome to Motherlode Prospecting Supplies.
Whether you’re a novice or experienced prospector, you will find our prices extremely competitive.
We are authorized dealers for the Falcon MD20 Gold Tracker, Garrett metal detectors,
Crazy Crusher rock crusher and developer / manufacturer of the MotherSucker line of non-motorized Hand Dredges.
So if you are looking for a simple gold pan, sluice, complete dredge/highbanking system
or to just pick our brains for tips or techniques, give us a call.
We are a licensed home based Kelowna business, so our hours are flexible and we ship nationally.

Telephone: 1-778-478-2199.

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Garrett Metal Detectors

Best OfferWe sell several different brands of Garrett Metal Detectors. To find out our...
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motherlode: Nov 12, 2:28 PM

Metal Detector Accessories

Best OfferAt Motherlode Prospecting Supplies Ltd., ( Kelowna ), we carry metal detector...
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motherlode: Nov 11, 10:24 AM

Desert Fox Gold Wheel

Best OfferThis is the popular Desert Fox, gold wheel in a box . Used for getting clean gold...
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motherlode: Nov 11, 9:47 AM

Magnum 45 Hibanker - Made in Canada

Best OfferBuy Canadian and support OUR Economy! Part of the Black Scorpion Series of...
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motherlode: Nov 11, 9:41 AM

Falcon MD20 Gold Tracker

Best OfferAn extremely popular product, the Falcon MD20 has been finding gold, right down to...
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motherlode: Nov 11, 9:32 AM

Crazy Crusher Rock Crusher

Best OfferFellow Prospectors - as you know you won't find a brand new, cheaper, or better Rock...
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motherlode: Nov 11, 9:32 AM

Lortone 3A Rock Tumbler

Best OfferYes - Motherlode Prospecting Supplies Lite (Kelowna) now carry's "Rock Tumblers" and...
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motherlode: Nov 11, 9:31 AM

Garrett 15" Super Sluice Gold pan

Best OfferGarrett's world famous Gravity Trap gold pan series has led the industry for 30 years....
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motherlode: Nov 11, 9:31 AM

Motherlode Prospecting Gold Panning

Best OfferCheck out Motherlode Prospecting Supplies with almost 400 products for your gold...
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motherlode: Nov 11, 9:30 AM

Gold Buddy Highbanker Kit - Comple

Best OfferThe GOLD BUDDY Hibankers are designed around the GOLD BUDDY 10 inch Magnum Equipment...
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motherlode: Nov 11, 9:30 AM