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craft jewelry

Small box of mixed craft jewelry. Some of everything . Some is broken some in good...
Views: 30
Blacktruck: Oct 9, 2:03 PM

Craft jewery

Mixed container of craft jewelry has rhinestones, bead necklaces, earrings, and...
Views: 17
Blacktruck: Oct 9, 1:48 PM

craft jewelry

Mixed container of craft jewelry some is ok some needs work.
Views: 15
Blacktruck: Oct 9, 1:22 PM

craft jewellery

craft jewelry mixed lot of craft jewelry has everything, has everything in the...
Views: 15
Blacktruck: Oct 9, 12:42 PM

Woodworking Combo Tool

Johnsoncraft Woodworking Combo Tool (Shopsmith) Series #2866018 Manufacturing Date...
Views: 82
Powerhouse Sheep: Oct 7, 3:26 PM

Box of craft jewelry

Craft jewelry in large box of bead necklaces, chains, bead belts, with a mix of...
Views: 43
Blacktruck: Oct 4, 8:01 PM

Craft jewelry

Craft jewelry Small box of mixed pieces in plastic bags some not in bags. Mix of...
Views: 52
Blacktruck: Oct 2, 9:24 PM

Craft Jewelry

Jewelry mix of Rhinestones and beads. Mix of necklaces, broaches, earing's and...
Views: 50
Blacktruck: Oct 2, 8:51 PM

building a canoe

One of the best books available, on building a wooden canoe! It is called ''The...
Views: 31
fastfeet: Sep 26, 5:11 PM