A Private Collection of Discovered Treasure for you
that will bring back memories of that one time special car or truck that became a part of a person’s past.

You are about to experience a selection of
about 500 excellent condition, metal vehicles in show room condition.

Search for that one time vehicle and order it for that special person
that has everything but a show piece of history that was not forgotten.

These make an excellent gift for that special person.
Christmas and birthdays are a special time for giving and make it something that is meaningful.

Items can be pick up in Kelowna or we can send it to you.
Payment with Credit Cards, or PayPal.
This will be a secured payment transaction.

We thank you and appreciate your kindness for giving a special thoughtful gift.
Please order your special vehicle as we have limited models.
We have limited space for these Vehicles as we are moving to our new smaller home.

Contact us:
Telephone: 250-868-2212
or Toll Free: 1-877-607-3698

By e-mail at:
[email protected]

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