Remix Home Store Offers an Artful Mix of Vintage + Modern Furniture, Objects and Art...
Including Mid Century Modern, Vintage, Industrial, Antique, Farmhouse, Bespoke and Contemporary Pieces.

At Remix Home Store you’ll find an ever-changing and evolving MIX
of furniture, objects and art to help you create and/or
complete amazing interior spaces in your home, income property or business.

Each week Remix Home Store has lots of new furniture, objects and art arriving to replace all the sold items –
because of this, you have a great, ever-changing selection of incredible pieces to choose from weekly...
If you're into interior design/staging or simply want to create amazing spaces in your home -
Remix Home Store is a must visit source...

REMIX HOME STORE is located at 2049 Louie Drive, West Kelowna.

REMIX Showroom Hours:

Sunday: OPEN 11am to 4pm
Saturdays: CLOSED

****To Pre-Book An Appointment, Please Call 250-870-Four-Two-Eight-Zero****

Connect With Us:
In Person: 2049 Louie Drive, West Kelowna
By Phone: 250-870-Four-Two-Eight-Zero

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Lots Of Cool Furniture *OPEN TODAY*

Best OfferREMIX Has LOTS of Super-Cool Furniture, Objects and Art In Store... OPEN SUNDAY MAY...
West Kelowna
Views: 42
Remix Home Store: May 28, 7:41 AM

FRESH Mid Century Modern Furniture!

Best Offer---> We've Got Some Awesome FRESH Mid Century Modern Furniture In Store... PLUS, a Ton...
West Kelowna
Views: 231
Remix Home Store: May 28, 7:41 AM

Mid Century Modern LEATHER Sofa

Exceptional Swiss Made Mid Century Modern Leather Sofa... High End with style, comfort...
West Kelowna
Views: 91
Remix Home Store: May 28, 7:41 AM

SCANDINAVIAN Leather Falcon Chairs

RARE Chrome Leather Falcon Chairs --->The hammock style floating seat is super...
West Kelowna
Views: 80
Remix Home Store: May 28, 7:40 AM


Best OfferAre you looking for VERY HIGH END good quality furniture? If so, we have some amazing...
West Kelowna
Views: 191
Remix Home Store: May 28, 7:40 AM

---> Awesome ART & Decor at REMIX

Best Offer---> Awesome ART & Decor at REMIX HOME STORE - SO MUCH MORE IN THE STORE --->Only...
West Kelowna
Views: 61
Remix Home Store: May 28, 7:37 AM

Nice Console Table

Nice Vintage Console Table... solid & sturdy. Vintage iron base with fir slab top....
West Kelowna
Views: 75
Remix Home Store: May 28, 7:34 AM

MCM LEATHER Lounge Chair & Ottoman

Sleek and Comfortable Mid Century Modern Norwegian Kengu LEATHER Lounge Chair and...
West Kelowna
Views: 92
Remix Home Store: May 27, 9:32 PM

Gorgeous Teak Gentlemen's Cabinet

Gorgeous Teak Gentlemen's Cabinet / Chest of Drawers... solid & sturdy. Lots of...
West Kelowna
Views: 95
Remix Home Store: May 27, 9:32 PM

Premium Leather Club Chairs

Distressed Premium Leather Club Chairs... Made by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams......
West Kelowna
Views: 58
Remix Home Store: May 27, 9:31 PM