Women's size 6.5 hiking boots

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Im looking for size 6.5 women's hiking shoes. Could be a size 7, if they run small. I...
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Meggnetic: Dec 17, 6:21 PM

Wanted Tie-Dye Bikini Lace Up Top

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Looking to purchase size SMALL Tie-Dye Lace Up Bikini Top like picture posted
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smily: Dec 16, 6:25 PM

1970s LED & computer watches wanted

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I'm looking for old quartz men's watches from the 1970s with digital displays with red...
West Kelowna
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vendo: Dec 9, 8:48 PM

Wanted Aventus cologne by Creed

Interested in buying (or trading) for new or used left over Aventus cologne by Creed....
West Kelowna
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KingCreole: Dec 7, 9:02 AM

Baffin insulated rubber boots

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Wanting to buy Baffin (or similar) insulated rubber boots - high minus temperature and...
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05201951: Dec 7, 7:38 AM

Photography Shoot Volunteers Needed

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My name is Elly Mae and I am a photography student at CATO! I am looking for volunteer...
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EllyMAe: Dec 2, 5:18 PM

Wanted Vintage T-shirts

Looking for any T-shirt, pre-2000. The preference is for band shirts and anything pre...
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L0renP: Nov 27, 12:23 PM


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I am a mother of two in need of Navy Blue scrubs for my lab at TRU. Size L-XL to so I...
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SamiraSamira: Nov 25, 8:49 PM

Anything that is "Sailer Jerry"

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Looking for any t shirts or anything that is Sailer Jerry
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DAT: Nov 20, 6:21 PM