Welcome to Premier Jewellery & Loans, aka Premier Pawnbrokers.

As the busiest pawnshop in Kelowna we're pleased to offer
a small sampling of our more interesting inventory in the following pages.
Our product lines include luxury watches (Rolex, Omega),
estate and prestige jewellery (hundreds of pieces from $25 - $10,000),
video games (hundreds of titles), personal electronics and tools.
Inventory always changes so please visit our retail location for the best selection.

Find us at:
#4-1980 Bredin Rd.
Kelowna, B.C. Canada
V1Y 4R4
PH: 250-717-0234

For more information about our firm or a map to our store please find us on the web at: Premier Pawn

0.88CTW Diamond Solitaire Ring

Give her a ring the befits her beauty. With a 1/2 carat dazzling diamond as the focal...
Views: 31
PremierPawnbrokers: Mar 5, 11:43 PM

Me & Ro 0.1CTW Ritual Bell Pendant

The 8 goddess offerings create a beautiful expression of faith. The symbols for...
Views: 28
PremierPawnbrokers: Mar 5, 11:34 PM

Gent Natural Nugget Ring

The natural glow of nuggets set against the warm backdrop of yellow gold creates a ring...
Views: 38
PremierPawnbrokers: Mar 5, 11:25 PM

0.5CTW Diamond Trinity Ring

A trio of pristine princess cut diamonds set in the cool colour of white gold creates a...
Views: 29
PremierPawnbrokers: Mar 5, 11:21 PM

0.3CTW Diamond Worry Ring

Worry, or worry not? This brilliantly dazzling 1/3 rd carat diamond band has a unique...
Views: 35
PremierPawnbrokers: Mar 5, 11:16 PM

Mariner Link Chain

He doesn't get a lot of jewellery, so what you get him has to count. This classic...
Views: 37
PremierPawnbrokers: Mar 5, 11:12 PM

0.2CTW Diamond Solitaire Band

Let every woman know to keep her hands off! This 1/5th carat diamond ring will look...
Views: 30
PremierPawnbrokers: Mar 5, 11:08 PM

0.4CTW Princess Cut Diamond Band

Pristine princess cut diamonds will look sensational nestled beside her glamourous...
Views: 37
PremierPawnbrokers: Mar 5, 11:04 PM

0.75CTW Diamond Cluster Ring

If you want to dazzle them at your next evening out then try on this sparkling diamond...
Views: 27
PremierPawnbrokers: Mar 5, 11:00 PM

0.4CTW Canadian Diamond Ring

If you want to hear β€œyes” when you ask for her hand make sure you have a ring that will...
Views: 32
PremierPawnbrokers: Mar 5, 10:56 PM