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Lenovo i3-6100

Electronics/Computers/Desktop Computers
Lenovo m7100 intel i3-6100 @3.70ghz 4gb ddr4 ram 500gb hd display port, vga, usb2,...
Views: 328
inrutland: Oct 31, 9:56 AM

High-End Gaming PC Desktop Computer

Electronics/Computers/Desktop Computers
I had some spare computer parts and ordered some more brand new parts enough to build a...
Views: 22
kaidokazumi: Oct 31, 4:08 AM

dell optiplex i5-3470

Electronics/Computers/Desktop Computers
dell optiplex 7010 intel i5-3470s @2.90ghz 4gb ddr3 ram 320gb hd VGA, display port,...
Views: 137
shayne: Oct 30, 5:48 PM

Hole gaming setup

Electronics/Computers/Desktop Computers
Selling my hole gaming setup very cheap and want to sell fast Pc specs core i7 7700...
Views: 49
aidantheman47: Oct 30, 1:37 PM

Dell Inspiron 660 Desktop i5-3340

Electronics/Computers/Desktop Computers
Dell Inspiron 660 English Desktop, i5-3340-NEVER OPENED-$625 or possible trade for...
Views: 177
scorpio24: Oct 30, 10:13 AM

Dell Inspiron 660 Desktop, i3-3240

Electronics/Computers/Desktop Computers
Dell Inspiron 660 English Desktop, i3-3240-NEVER OPENED-$455 or possible trade for...
Views: 96
scorpio24: Oct 30, 10:12 AM

Acer Aspire Compact Computer

Electronics/Computers/Desktop Computers
Desktop CPU in perfect working order and factory reset. AMD Athlon iiX2, 3 GB RAM, 500...
Views: 915
GooderJunk: Oct 30, 8:28 AM

Acer Aspire Revo (ultra compact pc)

Electronics/Computers/Desktop Computers
Acer Aspire Revo (small form factor PC) with . form factor PC running ChromiumOS (l...
Views: 44
genesis1v1: Oct 29, 10:36 PM

27" iMac desktop computer

Electronics/Computers/Desktop Computers
Selling my late 2009 27" iMac. 12 GB RAM, 1TB Hard drive. All stats in attached...
Views: 36
panopticondo: Oct 29, 6:04 PM

1988 Apple Macintosh SE & Printer

Electronics/Computers/Desktop Computers
Vintage 1988 Apple Macintosh SE Model M5083/C - Hard Disk 20 CPU w/built-in l .4MB...
Views: 86
robch: Oct 29, 6:00 PM