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Thank you Kelowna! Now entering our 12th year in business.

Selling Auto parts and Fluids for German and Swedish Vehicles.
OEM and after market parts available.

Open Monday to Saturday.
Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM
Saturday: 9 AM to 2 PM

Outdoor Motortoyz Sales Ltd.
102-171 Commercial Drive
Kelowna, BC
V1X 7W2

Telephone: 250-491-8570

16X3.00 Inner Tube.

This 16x3.00 (76-305) inner tube (innertube) with angled valve stem is most commonly...
Views: 142
motortoyz: Oct 29, 9:46 AM

16X2.125 Tire Tube

This inner tube with angled valve stem is most commonly (though not exclusively) used...
Views: 141
motortoyz: Oct 22, 12:53 PM

New- Windshield

Brand new windshield. No scratches or defects. Works for the following models: Aprilia...
Views: 199
motortoyz: Oct 20, 9:08 AM

120/130/70-12 Motorcycle Tube

120/130/70-12 TR-6. Motorcycle Tube. Kenda.
Views: 102
motortoyz: Oct 20, 9:08 AM

2.50/2.75-14 Motorcycle Kenda Tube

2.50/2.75-14 Valve TR-4 Off Set. Motorcycle Tube (Kenda).
Views: 126
motortoyz: Oct 20, 9:08 AM

60V New Scooter Charger

Charger 60V, 3.0A (3000mA) Standard Polarity or reverse. For use with Lead-Acid...
Views: 91
motortoyz: Oct 16, 9:30 AM

72V New Scooter Charger

Charger 72V, 3.0A (3000mA) Standard Polarity. For use with Lead-Acid batteries. Charger...
Views: 135
motortoyz: Oct 16, 9:30 AM

18x2.125 Tire Tube

This 18x2.125 inner tube (innertube) with angled valve stem is most commonly (though...
Views: 99
motortoyz: Oct 16, 9:30 AM

4.00/4.25-18 Motorcycle Tubes

4.00/4.25-18 TR4. 99 - 072. Motorcycle Tubes.
Views: 100
motortoyz: Oct 16, 9:29 AM

36V, 12V, & 24V Chargers

Chargers: $33 - Standard Polarity 12V 0.5A (500mA) Class 2 Battery Trickle Charger...
Views: 201
motortoyz: Oct 15, 10:12 AM