Pine Tree Carver wanted

This 50 year old pine needs a totem carver who can come to Peachland and move the tree...
Views: 26
NanMer: Sep 29, 8:26 PM

Need a parcel brought back from Thompson Manitoba

Is there someone coming back from Thompson Manitoba ? I have an item over there (peddle...
Views: 1726
67rocket: Sep 29, 1:44 PM

Mud/Taping Wanted- small Bathroom

Just redid a small bathroom, 5x8, less 4x3 shower. Aquaboard is hung, just need...
Views: 36
Lynniep: Sep 28, 4:48 PM

Need help with our pinball machine!

Keeps shorting out, the flippers stop working, and then we have to power it off and try...
West Kelowna
Views: 490
Scott and Anna: Sep 28, 6:46 AM

Need help with my van

My 2002 Chevy Venture van gas gauge needs fixed (stays on full until it's out of gas...
Views: 72
carol777: Sep 25, 9:40 PM

Home Renovation Services Needed

Looking for a Contractor who would be interested in providing home renovation services...
Views: 630
lmharris: Sep 25, 9:09 AM

Help needed .

We want to sell our present property , which is our right . . For the last eight yrs....
Views: 188
frsl: Sep 24, 4:13 AM

looking for a great house cleaner

Hi there, I have had this posted previously, seriously looking now, start date would...
Views: 740
alanaa_: Sep 23, 5:48 PM

Emergency Light/Cement

I'd like someone to do a concrete work on a small (approximately 6'x16') area. In...
Views: 396
RedSeaStar: Sep 23, 9:09 AM

Wanted - dance lessons before cruise

My wife and I are taking a cruise in November and We would like a couple lessons to not...
West Kelowna
Views: 52
gregmcallister: Sep 22, 7:39 PM