acreage wanted

need a place to land my plane close to town?have cash will buy without subjects for...
Views: 288
rainbow: Aug 29, 8:41 AM

Wanted House or Part of your lot

Wanted a single detached home in Penticton or area $350,000 to $450,000. Private seller...
Views: 346
castsell: Aug 23, 2:03 PM

Wanting small section of your land

Best Offer Wanting a small section of your land .25 to .75 acre for a house in Penticton. If you...
Views: 373
castsell: Aug 23, 2:01 PM

Looking for owner finance

I'm looking for a place pref 2 bdrm owner finance(rent to own) any area. Looking for a...
Views: 102
rainyltnc: Aug 22, 1:31 PM

Looking for a Home Equity Partner?

Hello, I want to own a home. Do you? I am looking for a like-minded individual who...
Lake Country
Views: 514
thejakestar: Aug 18, 9:59 PM

Looking to buy Half or Full Duplex

We are looking to purchase a half or full duplex for sale by owner in the Downtown,...
Views: 116
dkusiak: Aug 17, 8:41 AM

Acreage Wanted (3-7 acres)

Best Offer Kelowna family looking to relocate to 3-7 acres of land in SE Kelowna with or without...
Views: 114
DaveCanmore: Aug 13, 4:30 PM

Seeking investors 4Lots o Projects

Aries Alliance Investments is seeking a few ( as many as 4 to 7 ) for real no nonsense...
Views: 1515
projectsz: Aug 13, 4:57 AM

Need your house sold fast?

Best Offer Motivated buyer ready to purchase! Are you in need of a fast sale due to the quick...
Views: 166
rhuston: Aug 12, 11:09 AM

Married couple looking for home! :)

Married couple with 1 child and a small dog seeking to buy a single family home in the...
Views: 199
bella007: Aug 12, 8:34 AM