Married couple looking for home! :)

Married couple with 1 child and a small dog seeking to buy a single family home in the...
Views: 525
bella007: Sep 9, 7:07 AM

Seeking No Nonsense Investors

Aries Alliance Investments is seeking a few ( as many as 4 to 7 ) for real no nonsense...
Views: 11
projectsz1: Sep 30, 6:46 AM

Sandpointe or Sandalwood Townhouse

Serious buyers are looking for a townhouse in Sandalwood at 550 Yates Road or...
Views: 689
pepcons: Sep 29, 8:18 PM

We are looking for a fixer upper

Any Okanagan area, Any condition, Any price 250-450-9974 Call, text or email...
Views: 216
rob seeger: Sep 25, 10:47 PM

looking for income property

Best Offer Private investor wants to buy income property. Will look at all, any condition...
Views: 110
rob seeger: Sep 21, 10:31 AM

Cash now for discounted property

Do you hold a property you want to get rid of Now? Right Now! No Fees, foreclosures...
Views: 185
rob seeger: Sep 21, 10:08 AM

Looking to buy Half Duplex or House

Young proffessional couple looking to purchase a half duplex or single family home for...
Views: 170
dkusiak: Sep 20, 4:47 PM

Looking for single family house!

Looking for a single family house in Kelowna area. Market is so hot for sellers right...
Views: 99
kyle_wils: Sep 19, 12:24 PM

Rent to Own Modular or Mobile

Best Offer Wanted - Mature couple looking for a rent to own modular or mobile home in the...
Views: 81
jlhowat: Sep 15, 11:18 AM


Best Offer Kelowna family looking to relocate to 4-20 acres of land in SE Kelowna with or without...
Views: 102
DaveCanmore: Sep 13, 8:26 AM