1963 chev convertible fully restore

For Sale 1963 Chev Impala SS Convertible fully restored. Completely Restored, owned...
Salmon Arm
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Carlon: Jun 29, 8:00 AM

Vintage Blacksmiths Vice

Vintage Blacksmith Leg Vice for sale or trade for fishing lures preferably vintage.
Views: 756
Fixall: Jul 23, 8:35 AM

Antique Ceramic Insulator on Wooden Peg

Antique White Ceramic Insulator on Wooden Peg, also have others types available...
Views: 270
helpfullearth: Jul 23, 12:37 AM

Qld Aluminum Hard Hat

Old Aluminum Hard Hat good condition ,still quite usable or for display
Views: 576
helpfullearth: Jul 23, 12:36 AM

Antique Orchard Smudger

Antique Orchard Smudger, approx 5 tf. tall
Views: 518
helpfullearth: Jul 23, 12:35 AM

Antique CrossCut Saw Blade

Antique Saw blade for crosscut sawing . Starting at $45 each and more for longer ones...
Views: 1811
helpfullearth: Jul 23, 12:34 AM

Antique Silage Chopper

Antique Silage Chopper on steel wheels ,with metal feed belt .unique old decoration of...
Views: 1736
helpfullearth: Jul 23, 12:33 AM

Antique Broad Axe Head

Antique Broad Axe Head, very rusty and distressed looking ,great weathered piece of...
Views: 888
helpfullearth: Jul 23, 12:32 AM

Antique Spokewheel for decor

Antique spokewheel for decor
Views: 1527
helpfullearth: Jul 23, 12:32 AM

Antique Horsedawn Steelwheel Wagon

Build your Antique Horsedrawn SteelWheel Wagon ,This will last very well with sturdy...
Views: 2117
helpfullearth: Jul 23, 12:31 AM