Male Staffordshire terrier

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We're looking to find a loving playful home for our baby. Unfortunately we're having...
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Kttremblay: Feb 21, 1:24 PM

Great Pyrenees

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1 year old Great Pyrenees/ Maremma X, very friendly and easy going. Looking for a job!...
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jess-piquette: Feb 21, 1:17 PM

Two Adult Pittbulls

Horse-Farm-Pets/Pets/Dogs (Adult)
Best OfferThis is Vina and Fedor. They are both 6 years old. They have been together their whole...
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jne146: Feb 20, 8:13 PM

Free Long-Haired Chihuahua

Horse-Farm-Pets/Pets/Dogs (Adult)
Best OfferSeven-year-old black male needs to find a good home, can no longer stay in the current...
Salmon Arm
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kaskola: Feb 20, 7:43 PM

purebred english bull dog

Horse-Farm-Pets/Pets/Dogs (Adult)
1 year old black and white bull dog..not reg.house trained crate trained good with...
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maureen neal: Feb 20, 2:04 PM

2 Komondor Livestock Working dogs

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We have sold our herd of Alpacas and now unfortunately have to part with 2 of our...
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pizzaguy: Feb 19, 9:14 PM

Family dog needs new home

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Best OfferOur dog needs a new home, she was a rescue as a puppy almost 11 years ago. We have to...
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danlaura: Feb 19, 5:04 PM

Purebred Female Border Collie

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With a sad heart I have decided to find a new home for my Border Collie. She is a...
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OK Adrenaline: Feb 15, 3:07 PM

Toy Australian Shepherd

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Pipa is a lovely registered Toy Aussie. She stands 12" at the withers and weighs...
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jess-piquette: Feb 14, 9:49 AM

Rescue dogs for loving homes

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Best OfferThese dogs have either been given to the shelter to find homes, found freezing and...
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shaw5550: Feb 14, 8:14 AM