very cute cat

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Best OfferJust had a child, think its a good idea to give the cat up. Very nice loves to be pet...
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craigglenn72: Mar 21, 8:00 PM

Two Loving Adult Male & Female Cats

Horse-Farm-Pets/Pets/Cats (Adult)
Best OfferNeeding for a loving forever (ADULT ONLY) indoor home, for two 6.5 year old cats and in...
West Kelowna
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Renee 111: Mar 21, 3:05 PM

2 female cats have all shots

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2 female cats tiger has orange and black skittles is White and has some grey on her....
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AAD2011: Mar 20, 7:54 PM

Sphynx hairless cat

Horse-Farm-Pets/Pets/Cats (Adult)
Best OfferNeed to get rid of my cat as he does not get along with my other cat his name is...
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freeryder: Mar 17, 3:43 PM

Lost cat

Horse-Farm-Pets/Pets/Cats (Adult)
Missing my baby Bentley ! Went missing Saturday night and want to get him back home,...
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nkvpichler1: Mar 17, 12:53 PM

Cat must go this,week

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Best OfferAdult grey spayed cat "Judith" My daughter has,invasive adenocarcinoma. Adult Grey cat...
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nlipsett: Mar 14, 8:00 AM

Looking for an indoor home forever

Horse-Farm-Pets/Pets/Cats (Adult)
Best Offer This handsome boy is about 2-1/2 yrs., he is neutered, has his shots recently...
West Kelowna
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selling: Mar 12, 12:37 PM

free orange neutered male cat

Horse-Farm-Pets/Pets/Cats (Adult)
Best OfferSuper friendly cat loves people and dogs. Great mouser. I cant keep him as i work out...
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mr orange: Mar 9, 11:56 AM

Tabby mix with orange face cat.

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Her name is Love.Jr and She is come from farm outdoor wild. She doesnt like social with...
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Therockevil21: Mar 8, 5:16 PM

Rescue cats looking for forever hom

Horse-Farm-Pets/Pets/Cats (Adult)
Best OfferThese cat/kittens have either been given to the shelter to find homes, found freezing...
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shaw5550: Mar 3, 8:22 AM