AudioRangeRecordings and Production

Best Offer AudioRangeRecordings, Offering affordable, professional, quality audio productions!...
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Radiationofthenation: Sep 25, 1:47 PM

Local band seeks drummer!

Best Offer Hi there, we are the Magnificent Rifles, a local gigging blues-funk-reggae band. Our...
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maxdejong: Sep 25, 10:58 AM

Excellent drummer seeking gigs

Best Offer I have been teaching and performing live and studio for 40 years. Experience in all...
Views: 1185
musicguy2006: Sep 24, 7:54 AM

Male Singer-Post-Punk/Rock Project

Best Offer Looking for a Male Singer for a Post-Punk/Rock Project. I have a small studio and songs...
Views: 91
iamanaudioengineer: Sep 22, 11:42 AM

guitarist (electric and acoustic) / bassist / vocals available to sit in

Best Offer Need someone to fill in for a gig? Drop me an email. I've been playing professionally...
Views: 4143
sonnyboykev: Sep 20, 7:16 PM

Drummer & Bass player wanted

Best Offer Currently a two piece, with Dum and Bass tracks. We've been performing once every...
West Kelowna
Views: 182
Shogan84: Sep 18, 3:15 PM

lets make some music

Best Offer Looking to make some laidback music (covers and originals) for the pure joy of...
Views: 637
shakergreen: Sep 13, 2:20 PM

Kelowna band seeking lead guitarist

Best Offer Kelowna based cover band looking for a lead guitarist. Preferably someone between 30...
Views: 225
fastcompany: Sep 12, 10:38 AM

Little Miss Dangerous LF bass

Best Offer Little Miss Dangerous LMD, new cover band, looking for a bass player. Trying to...
Views: 1355
tincanjam: Sep 11, 1:50 AM


Best Offer Male lead vocalist available. Able to perform all genres of rock. but lean toward...
Views: 168
Rockvox: Sep 10, 11:05 AM