Prince -21 Nights Randee St Nichos

Prince - 21 Nights - Randee St Nichos , includes Photography,Poery, Music/ Lyrics Mint...
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david bergeron: Feb 26, 5:51 PM

Digidesign 003 Rack Audio Interface

Used 003 Rack in good condition, upgraded to Pro Tools HD and no longer need the 003...
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Matt Shredder: Feb 26, 12:02 PM

Network Studio Rack w/top extenders

Network Studio Rack 12u x 10u x 8u with tilt, casters & optional top extenders....
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cts_ad: Feb 24, 6:51 AM

Reduced - MXL MPAC-01 Channel Strip

The MXL MPAC-01 is a single channel microphone with a built in compressor. The unit...
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cts_ad: Feb 24, 6:51 AM

Sure KSM 137. Used once and still NEW..

Shure An excellent choice for acoustic guitar and piano. The Shure KSM137 is an...
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deannabal: Feb 22, 4:38 PM

Full home recording studio

Complete studio with manuals 1900 obo comes with everything you see plus stand and 2...
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pete645: Feb 22, 4:21 PM

Refelection Traps

Custom Acoustics Solutions is here to offer you a more attractive, custom and...
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stradith: Feb 22, 11:19 AM

BNIB Microphones - offers

Selling a bunch of backup and duplicate Mics. Most are brand new in box w./plastic,...
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cts_ad: Feb 22, 7:49 AM

Yamaha IM8-24 mixer -Recent Service

Yamaha IM8 24-Channel w/Power supply. Recently serviced, all pots work great. $900...
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cts_ad: Feb 22, 7:49 AM

Steinberg CMC FD Fader Controller

Steinberg CMC FD Fader Controller Like new in box. $75.00 obo CMC-FDOverviewTouch...
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cts_ad: Feb 22, 7:48 AM