M-Audio Recording Studio Microphone

M-Audio Recording Studio Microphone to connect guitar and headphones to with very long...
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brian4274: Jan 23, 4:51 PM

Presonus 24 channel mixer

This was my main mixer Works great 24 and 10 Aux 2effects Comes complete with...
Views: 108
Rick Zipp: Jan 22, 10:44 PM

Radial X-Amp Active Reamp Box

Brand new Radial X-Amp Active Reamp Box. Bought it, had intentions of using it, never...
Views: 228
mave182: Jan 22, 10:16 AM

BNIB Microphones - offers

Selling a bunch of backup and duplicate Mics. Most are brand new in box w./plastic,...
Views: 313
cts_ad: Jan 22, 7:24 AM

Yamaha IM8-24 mixer -Recent Service

Yamaha IM8 24-Channel w/Power supply. Recently serviced, all pots work great. $900...
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cts_ad: Jan 22, 7:24 AM

Steinberg CMC FD Fader Controller

Steinberg CMC FD Fader Controller Like new in box. $75.00 obo CMC-FDOverviewTouch...
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cts_ad: Jan 22, 7:23 AM

Alto L-16! 16 Channel Mixer

Don't have any need for 16 Channels so hopefully this beauty finds a home and get's...
Views: 55
S.Walton: Jan 21, 10:46 PM

Network Studio Rack w/top extenders

Network Studio Rack 12u x 10u x 8u with tilt, casters & optional top extenders....
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cts_ad: Jan 21, 7:55 AM

Reduced - MXL MPAC-01 Channel Strip

The MXL MPAC-01 is a single channel microphone with a built in compressor. The unit...
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cts_ad: Jan 21, 7:55 AM

Full home recording studio

Complete studio with manuals 1900 obocomes with everything you see plus stand and 2...
Views: 103
pete645: Jan 20, 9:28 PM