Digi 002 Console/Digital Interface

Works as a standalone mixer or as an interface to your computer daw. Includes correct...
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VVlodovic: Sep 27, 7:26 PM

Mackie CR-1604 Mixer

US-made mixer from 1995. 6 mic level channels, 10 line level channels, and 6 (!!) aux...
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sk1nnycowboy: Sep 27, 5:37 PM

Behringer Super-X Pro Crossover

Behringer Super-X Pro high precision 2/3/4-way crossover (CX3400) for sale. The...
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Ken Fir: Sep 27, 4:21 PM

Tascam DA-38 Digital Multitrack

Tascam DA-38 Digital Multitrack Recorder for sale. The DA-38 is an eight-track...
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Ken Fir: Sep 27, 4:20 PM

Tascam DA-88 Digital Multitrack

Tascam DA-88 Digital Multitrack Recorder for sale. Introduced in 1993, the DA-88 was...
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Ken Fir: Sep 27, 4:19 PM

Apogee Symphony 8x8+8 mic pre's

Apogee Symphony I/O 8x8 Configuration + the 8 Mic Preamps configuration with Apogee...
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hammerheadproduction: Sep 27, 2:53 PM

Dynaudio BM15A monitor (pair)

The BM15A is a relatively large 2-way active system comprising of a large 240mm (10")...
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hammerheadproduction: Sep 27, 2:53 PM

EV 635a broadcast mics Match pair

The Electro-Voice 635A and 635A/B are designed for exacting professional applications...
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hammerheadproduction: Sep 27, 2:53 PM

Soundcraft LX7ii. Super nice 24 ch

Look no further This is a steel $2400 on ebay today No issues no fuss No problem...
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Rick Zipp: Sep 27, 9:23 AM


Great little mics. brand new. Take the pair for $50.
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Dan Fogarty: Sep 27, 9:09 AM