Digitech RP55 Guitar Effects Pedal

Works great
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Fellow: Dec 9, 7:11 PM

Boss DS1/ Boss made in Japan HF-2

Also have Boss MT-2 and AC-3 all in new condition. DS1 35.00 Japan High band Flanger...
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rooftop: Dec 9, 2:45 PM

Ibanez MSP-1000 compressor equalizer notch filter, vintage rack

Ibanez MSP 1000, Multi Signal Processor, Compressor/Limiter, 15 Band 2/3 Octave Graphic...
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haydewy: Dec 9, 1:44 PM

Talk Box - Danelctro Free Speeach

Description Use your mouth to manipulate your guitar sound for a whole array of new...
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davefavell: Dec 9, 12:14 PM

Boss GT8 Effects Pedal

Selling my boss effects pedal I have another one so I don't need this one. Never even...
Lake Country
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MRHD: Dec 9, 10:06 AM

TC Electronics Flashback Delay

This pedal includes 11 fantastic-sounding standard delays including a 40-second looper....
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Stratos: Dec 8, 10:15 PM

EHX OD Glove Overdrive

EHX's take on the Fulltone OCD, the OD Glove can range from a mild overdrive up to a...
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Stratos: Dec 8, 10:13 PM

EHX Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker

Tweaks the original Muff sound with a tone bypass toggle and a wicker toggle that boost...
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Stratos: Dec 8, 10:07 PM

Digitech RP7 Valve Effects Board

Digitech RP7 Valve in good condition; all features work, two mod switches are slightly...
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MirkaLane: Dec 8, 3:56 PM

BOSS OC-3 Octave Pedal *MINT*

Mint Boss OC-3 Octave Pedal. When an octave bass accompaniment just isn't enough,...
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MirkaLane: Dec 8, 3:07 PM