Truck Logger, Highballer, Westcoast

Best OfferWANTED: Truck Logger Magazines Highballer Magazines Westcoast Lumberman Magazines...
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kelowna99: Feb 22, 7:00 AM

Want to buy books

Best OfferLooking to buy books "There was an old lady who swallow a fly/frog/leaves/bat/rose" or...
Views: 29
saka88rk: Feb 19, 9:48 PM

Comics Wanted

Best OfferClassics Illustrated, Action, Western comics wanted preferably pre-1970 but will...
Views: 75
Homesteader: Feb 18, 9:26 AM


Best OfferI am looking for books about Clocks and Clock repair. Jacob 250 862 - 3584...
Views: 571
jacob: Feb 18, 7:53 AM

Electrician Apprentice Textbooks

Best OfferLooking for the following textbooks and equipment: 2016 Canadian Electrical Code Part...
West Kelowna
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Cedar House BC: Feb 17, 4:19 PM

ISO Tops The Choice is Mine

Best OfferISO TOPS The Choice is Mine eating plan book.
West Kelowna
Views: 16
Kwissy: Feb 17, 11:29 AM

Macrame books/magazines and beads

Looking for any macrame books/magazines. Old or new. As well as any larger macrame...
West Kelowna
Views: 308
chiland: Feb 15, 11:42 PM

Class photo Coldstream Elementary

Best OfferI am looking for a Grade One class photo of Mrs. Hartley's class ( 1955-56 ) from...
West Kelowna
Views: 22
fitz: Feb 15, 7:23 PM

Buying Only: Leather Bound Books!

Best OfferHi all, Looking to expand my collection a little, looking for leather bound. Book must...
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pkotulska: Feb 13, 3:17 PM

Straight spouses-unseen unheard

Best OfferWho likes to share experience about the straight spouse in a marriage? I like to come...
Views: 82
CadillacSeville: Feb 11, 7:44 PM