Welcome to Premier Jewellery & Loans, aka Premier Pawnbrokers.

As the busiest pawnshop in Kelowna we're pleased to offer
a small sampling of our more interesting inventory in the following pages.
Our product lines include luxury watches (Rolex, Omega),
estate and prestige jewellery (hundreds of pieces from $25 - $10,000),
video games (hundreds of titles), personal electronics and tools.
Inventory always changes so please visit our retail location for the best selection.

Find us at:
#4-1980 Bredin Rd.
Kelowna, B.C. Canada
V1Y 4R4
PH: 250-717-0234

For more information about our firm or a map to our store please find us on the web at: Premier Pawn

0.47CTW Diamond Engagement Ring Set

Sometimes simple is wonderful, for the days its not she will have a perfectly fit...
Views: 1
PremierPawnbrokers: Jun 27, 8:40 PM

0.44CTW Diamond Solitaire Ring Set

A simple expression of love, devotion and forever. This 4/10th of a carat diamond...
Views: 2
PremierPawnbrokers: Jun 27, 8:33 PM

0.85CTW Diamond Wedding Band

Make sure everyone knows he's taken and make sure its with a ring he will want to wear....
Views: 4
PremierPawnbrokers: Jun 27, 8:26 PM

Birks 0.65CTW Diamond Trinity Ring

Your past, present and future are intertwined with each other and this dazzling diamond...
Views: 31
PremierPawnbrokers: Jun 25, 10:36 PM

0.6CTW Diamond Solitaire Ring

A single diamond says so much. It says, I love you and I want to be with you for...
Views: 26
PremierPawnbrokers: Jun 25, 10:29 PM

0.89CTW Diamond Band

Enhance a ring or make any finger on your hand special! This fantastic baguette and...
Views: 31
PremierPawnbrokers: Jun 25, 10:22 PM

1848 Family Crest Ring

If you want something completely different and a part of history then this is the ring...
Views: 27
PremierPawnbrokers: Jun 25, 10:17 PM

0.68CTW Diamond Engagement Ring

Enjoy he perfection of a princess cut diamond. This unique and modern diamond ring is...
Views: 26
PremierPawnbrokers: Jun 25, 10:11 PM

0.35CTW Diamond and Sapphire

Celebrate the past, present and future with a royal flare. Sapphires for centuries...
Views: 22
PremierPawnbrokers: Jun 25, 10:05 PM

0.27CT Diamond Solitaire Gents Ring

Let him have some incredible jewellery! This debonair diamond ring has a unique nugget...
Views: 19
PremierPawnbrokers: Jun 25, 9:57 PM