So Sorry! Run-over cat, no collar.

Are you misssing a cat? Long hair, dark grey and white, probably male, no collar, in...
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Streit: Jun 25, 11:06 PM

Orange Tabby Cat Found

Orange tabby cat found roaming around our house in the Killiney Beach area.
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Run: Jun 24, 8:07 PM

To those with missing cats (some info applies to dogs as well)

For ideas on how to help get your cat back home please read the following: Heres some...
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Lore: Jun 24, 6:01 PM

Lost Grey Cat

she is grey, long hair Russian blue cat. her name is Smokey. lost in Quail Ridge area....
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Cool Cuke: Jun 24, 11:15 AM

Male Chocolate Lab Found

HIS FAMILY HAS PICKED HIM UP. THANK YOU! Springvalley/Rutland near Ziprick Rd a...
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jslinger: Jun 24, 9:29 AM

Found Little White Dog

A little white dog ran into Theo's Restaurant tonight at Main and Eckhardt in Penticton...
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lkerr987: Jun 23, 10:48 PM

Missing my beautiful pure white cat

Lost/Missing my beautiful white 4yr. male cat. June 21st in the area of Cedar and...
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sarong: Jun 23, 4:15 PM

Missing from Crawford Estates

Missing since May 24th.
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Darbados: Jun 23, 9:23 AM

Lost cat in Magic Estates

Lost our brown/black with white underbelly, 8 year old female cat on December 3rd/4th....
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aspviper: Jun 22, 5:12 PM

Lost cat in Lake Country

Mature female short-haired brown tabby lost in Clearwater Subdivision in Winfield....
Lake Country
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Donna2711: Jun 22, 4:02 PM